-I’m a widow, mother to two amazing human beings, daughter, sister, friend, dreamer, artist, believer in God and worshipper of Christ.

-I am hopeful. I am driven. I am blessed.

-I love to travel, and love to travel with my family even more.

-I am passionate, sensitive, funny, and a hopeless romantic.

-I still believe in true love.

-My middle name is Nicole and I think it is way cool.

-I think my parents are super cool too.

-I was a cruddy teenager. Sorry mom and dad.

-I was married for 16 years.

-We met in a bar. Oh well.

-We had two awesome kids. Sometimes I wish we would have had more.

-I love to cook, but often don’t follow a recipe, or make the same thing more than once.

-I didn’t find photography, it found me, and I am thankful every day it did.

-I gravitate to people who are kind and can make me laugh.

-I love all kinds of different music, yep, even that kind.

-I love to decorate, and re-decorate my home.

-I could read all day. every day.

-I might be addicted to exercise, but wasn’t always this way.

-I’m a little afraid of heights.

-I don’t really care for chocolate, or cake. Strange I know.

-I have a problem saying no…yep I do, but I’m working on it.

-I inherited my grandmother’s love for horses, now my daughter has inherited it from me.

-I hate grocery shopping but someone has to do it…except if it’s at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.

-I *may* be addicted to the Internet.

-I would like to live in the country some day.

-I love a nice glass of red wine, and love living in wine (Zin) country.

-I love to go thrift shopping. I love a good deal.

-I am super afraid of spiders.

-I am a serious DIY enthusiast. I think I can do anything by reading a book or watching a video.

-I love flowers and candles.

-One day I want to learn to play a musical instrument.

-There are times when I feel really shy.

-I love fashion. and shoes. and purses.

-I am thankful for my artful eye.

-I am a night owl and very rarely get to bed before midnight.

-I love technology. I love my mac(s) and other iStuff.

-Photography is a form of meditation for me. Everything else fades away, and I can rest and be still.


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