Whether you are a professional chef, a home cook or a person who has a passion for cooking. You all need the best boning knife in your kitchen.

It is an essential addition tool for professional kitchen and for home use.

As a named, boning knives are used to cut around the bone, slice all of the meat and detach bones from meat that more easily than another knife.

A boning knife usually has a sturdy, sharp and narrow blade. But there are so many kinds of boning knives are available on the market that looks pretty much the same, make you difficult while choosing.

Then what you should expect on the best professional boning knife?

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#1 Material

Material that used to produce the boning knife is the first important thing that you should consider.

Carbon steel is an ideal material for making a boning knife because they are strong and durable. It can use for heavy-duty work and have a long life while always keep perfectly sharpness.

The only weakness of carbon steel is it can corrode and rust over time if not used in the right way.

Stainless steel is better at hardness, doesn’t get much attention on maintenance, won’t be easy to get corroded and rust in comparison with typical carbon steel.

Stainless steel is also lightweight, making it easy to use and handy. But this material may be expensive.

#2 Size

Most of the boning knives have a blade in 5-6 inches long while the others can up to 9 inches. The thickness of the blades affects the thickness of the meat you want to slice.

Each size of knives is allowed the different purposes of using. But a lightweight boning knife will help you more easy to handle and flexible than heavy ones.

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