Pythons are amongst the most popular snake species in the world. They belong to a family that is known as Pythonidae and there are at least 26 species that are available. One of the most popular is the reticulated python, which is known as the longest snake. Another popular member of the family is the ball python, which is a well-known pet snake.

Even if pythons are common choices for household pets, there are still many who fear such, thinking that they can pose significant risks to humans. Are pythons venomous? Keep on reading and we’ll answer the question and provide some more valuable insights about pythons.

#1 Pythons are Non-Venomous

To answer the question in the title of this post, no, pythons are non-venomous. This means that their bite won’t harm or poison humans. Their fangs may scare many, but the truth is that they do not contain poison that could stop the blood from circulating or the cells from functioning. They cannot kill humans only through biting. Because they are non-venomous, you do not need to use repellents to keep snakes away and to prevent python snake bite.

#2 Pythons are Dangerous

However, despite the fact that pythons are non-venomous species of snake, this does not automatically mean that they won’t pose any danger to humans. You still have a reason to fear their presence. There are some species that could squeeze you to death! They can be large enough to strangle you until you cannot be able to breathe. There have been plenty of real-life cases around the world that can prove this claim. A quick Google search will reveal some of the situations that you wish will never confront you!

#3 When Pythons Attack

Because the fangs of pythons do not contain venom, there is little concern about their bite. At its worst, it can hurt a bit, which will depend on how deep it was able to penetrate the skin. There could also be bleeding, but this is nothing too extreme and won’t lead to serious blood loss. Once the python is away of the skin, wash it with water and an antibacterial soap. Cover it to prevent infection but be sure to air it out every now and then to allow the skin to breathe. It will also be best to have the proper attire when you are out in the open to prevent python snake bite.

However, when pythons wrap around you, it is a different story. You should be concerned as soon as possible. Be quick on your feet to take control of the situation before you are overpowered by the attacker. Grab a knife, stick, or any sharp object and stab the python repeatedly. In most cases, pythons won’t attack humans unless they are disturbed.

In sum, pythons are non-venomous. When bitten, they do not poison the blood or the human body. However, it should be pointed out that they are constrictors. Some species are large enough to wrap around the human body, which can cause death.


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