A inflatable hot tub is a product from the last 5 years. The convenience of having a inflatable hot tub when moving out the house, taking it to friends or cleaning the hot tub is more easy. There are however a lot of inflatable hot tub’s out there. We refer to this review which are some of the best inflatable hot tubs out there.

The product we are talking about is more than a luxury accessory in your garden, balcony or roof top. Various medical websites and researches have revealed and studied the benefits of a jacuzzi or hot tub. It has physical advantages as well as health benefits. After a busy day at work with stress, sit in your jacuzzi, it will give this relaxing feeling. This line is common to most people, but there is more. The warm beams also can be beneficial to people with back pains or to people with joint problems. In combination with some light exercises under water, an inflatable hot tub can be very good for your health.

You don’t have to be alone though with an inflatable jacuzzi, invite family and friends and enjoy the jacuzzi with a nice drink. You could also take the jacuzzi (since it is a pick up and go version) to your family and friends. Enjoy cold winter nights in the warm water or the summer in your jacuzzi. Another beneficial application of a hot tub is that most of them have a feet beam option. Most people underestimate their feet and the effect is has on your total body. Try having a feet massage every week, there are some scientific papers that show a feet massage every week increased your total life span. A hot tub with a feet massage beam application can be even more beneficial for your health. Beams also are good for muscle pain after a good work out. It relaxes the muscles and are good for the healing process of the muscles itself.

How long should you stay in an inflatable hot tub anyway? The most regular and common time to enjoy your hot tub and also benefit from a all the mentioned health applications is 20-30 minutes. After this, a longer stay is beneficial to your mind, but not your body.